Corsat Applicants Selection Process (CASS)

Corsat Applicants Selection Process (CASS)

IT-Blocks have developed a web based system covering the whole process of applicant's selection. CASS covers the following processes:
  • Registration
  • Filtration
  • Scheduling of tests and interviews
  • Testing
  • Interviews
  • Check completeness of required documents
  • registration of geographic and specialization preferences
  • Placement and distribution of applicants
  • Personalized announcements for applicants
CASS does not only help eliminating paper work but also avoiding the hassle of going through vast number of unstructured paper forms. The large set of reports produced by CASS, gives the ability to concentrate on the analysis of results rather on the operation itself.

CASS applies filtration to applicants based on three main points:

  • Data in the application forms CASS filters applicants based on preset criteria in the online application forms. The applications filtration system filters those unwanted applicants and sorts filtered applicants based on the weights of their data
  • Testing results When applicants login to the system to find out about the status of their application, they find that the scheduling system has scheduled tests for passed applicants or that they are filtered from the process. After applicants sit for their tests, they are re-filtered based on the combined weights of their application forms and the scores of their tests to reduce the number of those who sit for the interviews
  • Interviewing results and submission of required supporting documents Interviewed applicants are required to submit the required supporting documents during their interviews. Having not missed any mandatory documents, they are then re-filtered based on the combined weights of their application forms, tests and interviews
CASS also provides a facility for applicants to select their preferences from a set of predefines options. The system then runs a placement and distribution function based on the highest score first service algorithm.

Same as after all filtration processes, applicants are informed about their application status by email. In addition, they can login to view their status on the web.

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