General Business

General Business

Having a diversified range of services and products that target different segments in the market IT-Blocks provide a portfolio of information technology, applications and business process outsourcing services that address the critical concerns for each industry.

IT-Blocks provides enterprise content management and archiving services in addition to backlog scanning services to the different customers in the general business sector. Business Intelligence services are widely needed by companies to help them increase productivity and profitability. Here is where IT-Blocks services become more useful and effective.

Board Meeting Management System is a niche proposition from IT-Blocks to the General Business sector where companies arrange for a board meeting, manages agenda, maintain meeting minutes and follow-up on decisions and initiatives. Correspondence Management System is another niche proposition for a general business sector where companies manage their internal and external correspondence in addition to meeting, assignments and follow-up. IT-Blocks CMS can either be used stand-alone or integrated with enterprise content management engine such as IBM FileNet.

Moreover, IT-Blocks Delivers custom solutions to fulfill the specific customer requests and needs based on its long experience with different industries like Automotive, Banking, Telecom, and other industries.

IT-Blocks References in the general business sector includes:

  • General Motors
  • Sanoufi Avantis
  • EMEC
  • IBM
  • Fujitsu
  • World Food Program
  • Bavarian Automotive Group