Corsat Quiz Facility (CQF)

Corsat Quiz Facility (CQF)

IT-Blocks, specialized in developing Web-based applications for the Training and Education industry has developed a ready-made web-based facility for testing online called Corsat Quiz Facility (CQF).

CQF is an online quiz facility that is easy to use while implementing an e-learning solution or testing the capabilities of many candidates. It is full of flexible features with a long track record of usage by world class companies.

Having already run more than 100 thousand tests on CQF, it has already been used by many customers in the market.

CQF Features:

  • Includes question banks for different subjects, each divided into different sections
  • Allows adding questions in different difficulty levels
  • Empowers multiple choice questions with single or multiple right answers
  • Supports questions in both Arabic or English
  • Supports questions in text and image formats
  • Generates several exams for each subject
  • Exam generation is based on present generation rules, such as number of questions from each section and from each difficulty level
  • Maintains questions banks and renews or obsoletes old questions
  • Produces test results immediately with exam submission
  • Provides two formats of exams: Many questions per page or one question per page
  • Marks questions to review
  • Generates an exam summary page before submission
  • Where there is low Internet connectivity, you may download the exam, answer offline and reconnect only for exam submission
  • Shows results to exam taker or keep them for reporting later
  • Includes a security system that is based on three criteria: login data, IPs, and time of taking the exam
  • Allows follow up on exams during sessions
  • Provides rich set of results and analysis reports

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