Correspondence Management System

Correspondence Management System

CMS is a web based application Built over ‘IBM FileNet P8’ platform. It exploits the use of ‘IBM FileNet CM’ and ‘IBM FileNet BPM’ to manage the inbound and outbound correspondence of any enterprise. Meanwhile, it uses FileNet record management policy to manage records retention policies and life cycles.

CMS provides tracking and control over the correspondence internal life cycle. IT allows organizations track correspondence from a variety of resources including scanned letters, e-mails, faxes, and electronic documents, and manages them through automated processes to ensure proper handling of requests in a timely response. It provides a secure and safe document storage that secures access and prevents documents loss.

The following diagram shows a logical representation of the e-CMS

CMS High-Level Scope

From a bird-view, e-CMS covers the following tasks
  • Define and manage organizational structure, users and user rights
  • Receive internal or external correspondence
  • Send internal or external correspondence
  • Define workflows that address internal Communication within each agency individually
  • Monitor and control work processes related to documents on the e-correspondence system
  • Manage record retention policy
  • Manage tasks and meetings generated from incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Internationalization support

CMS Components

The following list the main components of E_CMS:
  • User Management & Security Component
  • System Settings Component
  • Capturing & Archiving Component
  • Correspondence Preparation Component
  • Correspondence Annotations & Decision Component
  • Correspondence Routing Component
  • Tasks & Follow-up Component
  • Reports Component

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