Card Tracking Solution (CTS)

Cards tracking made easy

Card Tracking Solution (CTS)

Card Tracking System provide easy to use Card tracking capabilities to enable the bank track the customers cards and their issue’s on the cards and ensures full management and control over the entire life cycle of a card while allowing a complete flexibility to upload and review customer cards and to apply the organization business rules and operational processes, with offline integration flexibility to any backend system (Core banking, MSCC, Exchange and active directory server). Card Tracking System helps reduce card center operational costs associated with a day to day operation management and monitoring with a powerful reports module for the operation and management. Card Tracking System web based application with fully compliant with PCI requirements, providing different functions to card center team operation, mail handler and management team.

Key Features:

  • Full management and control over the entire life cycle of a card issuing.
  • Tracking cards issuance, activation and Delivery statuses.
  • PCI Compliance: fully compliant with PCI requirements
  • Mask and Encryption techniques to encrypt information.
  • SSIS component: Handle data from several types of flat files (text files, comma separated files, fixed length files, excel files)
  • Powerful Reporting Module, Day to Day Operation reports (Request of Cards, Begin Manufactured & Completed Cards, and Card Delivery Report).
  • Fully Integrated Solution (Core Banking and MSCC “Offline”, SMS GW, AD etc.).
  • Highly customized a solution to fit any Card center process.

PCI Compliance

Card tracking solution is A fully compliant solution with PCI requirements, implemented and approved

Flexible Integration “Offline”

Fully Integrated Solution, offline integration with Core banking system and MSCC beside Active directory , Exchange server, and SMS gateway integration

Card Lifecycle tracking

Bank Cards issuing life cycle management from reviewing card information, tracking Card delivery status to clients, manage couriers POD, to a full status of cards records displayed to operation and branches.

Permission module

Designed with security in mind, allowing access only to those who have the rights or permission to view specific information and files. All confidential information is Masked and Encrypted

Safe and secure

Security is our first priority as per as your bank priority; with a state of art High-Security Encryption communication Layer providing Mask and Encryption techniques to encrypt customer confidential information.

Powerful Reporting Module

Reporting dashboards with a powerful reporting platform with a set of Rich graphical Day to Day Operation reports such as (Request of Cards, Begin Manufactured & Completed Cards, and Card Delivery Report).

Day-to-Day Operation

Day-to-Day operation management and monitoring (Manufacturing cards, blank card martial stock with a set of daily reports (Removed & In Complete Cards, Total Issued Cards)

Administration Module

Users Management module to Manage application Users, Users Group, edit user info, delete existing users etc.