Intel® Learn Program

Intel® Learn Program

Opening Doors for Youth Around the World

Designed especially for young learners, the Intel Learn Program extends learning beyond the classroom with an engaging, project-centered approach. Intel Learn is an informal education program that teaches youth the skills they need to succeed in our increasingly knowledge-based economy, with a focus on technology literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. The program implemented in Egypt by IT-Blocks in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and NGOs to train 30,000 students a year on this program; our goal is to ensure the effective use of technology in learners between the ages of 8 and 25.

Project Impact:

120,000+ learners are becoming computer literate and more collaborative in all governorates. There is a significant improvement in students projects ideas, especially after the revolution of January 25 to improve their societies. Learners are using skills gained from the Intel Learn Program to help their direct communities through innovating Ideas to develop the neglected places in their communities; like (research presented by students in Fayoum Governorate to convert the neglected public restroom in the city to Charity Clinic Based on the current needs of the community). Also, we noticed that Learners are learning the program skills to their school colleagues to using the program methodology in the official school lessons.

Intel Learn is composed of three units:

  • Technology and Community
  • Technology at Work
  • Technology and Entrepreneurship

Technology and Community

The Technology and Community curriculum use activities and projects to show students how they can use technology to contribute to their communities. This curriculum teaches the following skills:
  • Word processing
  • Graphics
  • Spreadsheets
  • Multimedia
  • Internet search

Technology at Work

Technology at Work demonstrates how computers use in a variety of jobs and careers. As students work on their projects, their use of application software and the Internet becomes increasingly sophisticated. Projects range from healthcare survey designs to the kind of project management plan that a local engineer might create.

Technology and Entrepreneurship

Technology and Entrepreneurship introduce the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and shows how technology can be used to advance a business idea. Here, students use Internet tools and office applications to research and formulate an idea. When they’re ready, they create and present a business plan.

Project activities

IT-Blocks organize a grand awards ceremony yearly In the Ministry of Education to distribute prizes to the winners, which included many activities like:
  • Students participated in the competition presented and explained their projects
  • Held several meetings on the sidelines of the ceremony with the trainers and trainees to learn their views
  • Trainers' appreciation
  • Minister of Education and Intel Egypt country manager attended the ceremony, and many trainers and trainees attended from all the governorates