Governments in the region are performing a lot of reform programs these days to modernize their systems and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. The E-Government programs are the most important vehicle for Governments to provide more efficient services to the public.

Many government organizations build Portals to enhance their reach, increase accessibility and simplify legacy business processes. Building on its long experience in the web platform, IT-Blocks is concentrating on building Portals for governmental organizations all through the region.

Of the most important components of e-government solutions are automating processes workflow, enterprise content management, and backlog scanning. Using IBM and world-class products, IT-Blocks is providing these services to government agencies. IT-Blocks professionals help government agencies to implement enterprise content management solutions including the automation of key processes. Implementing those solutions does not give the required fruits until legacy and backlog data are loaded into the system. IT-Blocks has developed its methodology for Backlog Scanning in addition to building a unique automated solution (IT-Blocks Backlog Scanning System – IBBSS) for managing the Backlog Scanning process.

References in regional government agencies are:

  • Ministry of Interior/Passports
  • Exporting Agency
  • MCIT
  • CAO
  • LAS
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Justice/Alneyabat
  • Aliftaa, Ministry of Water and Electricity
  • Supreme Council of Universities
  • Baladeyet Qatar
  • Real Estate Development Fund
  • Jeddah Municipality
  • Baladeyet Elqateef
  • MDA