The Education industry has always been the focus of interests of IT-Blocks. IT-Blocks has been providing services to this industry since its establishment in 2001. IT-Blocks provide a variety of services to the Education industry including Applicants selection, filtration, and acceptance into Educational programs. Online testing, educational programs management, content delivery and professional training are all services that IT-Blocks has been pioneering in the market. Besides, IT-Blocks has developed other solutions for universities performance monitoring, Quality Assessment and Accreditation and surveys management.

Corsat is our brand for education management solutions. It includes Corsat Applicants Selection System (CASS), Corsat Quiz Facility (CQF) and Corsat Education Management System (CEMS). Since 2002, this portfolio of solutions has been licensed to many customers in Egypt and the region.

IT-Blocks Quality and Performance monitoring propositioning include three interdependent solutions: Quality Assessment and Accreditation System (QAAS), IT-Blocks Higher Education Key Performance Indicators and Survey Management System.

Besides, IT-Blocks does not only provide its ready-made products to the Education Industry but also, it provides other services such as content management, portal development, Business Intelligence and content delivery.

Our References in the Training and Education Industry are:

  • IBM
  • MICT Seta
  • Supreme Council of Universities (Egypt)
  • MCIT
  • Heap program
  • Um ul Qura Univesity (KSA)
  • Orascom Technology Services

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